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Born and bred in Sheffield, I travelled and lived abroad before landing back in Yorkshire to develop my well-being business. I taught English in Beijing and pre-school in Istanbul, using my spare time to travel as much as I could. Travelling and living abroad was a great experience and allowed me to develop an expansive open-mindedness and appreciation of humanity in the knowledge that gems are found in all walks of life, all over the planet – but equally I love the hills and trees of home, and I know that there is the potential for deep personal growth here in the UK too.

Although I am always drawn back to home, my love for travelling continues and I spend many of the summer months travelling around the UK working at festivals. Festivals open me up to amazing music, incredible workshops and awesome performances, and I love the creativity and dedication that goes into the weekends; how people can come together and create spaces that alter perception and broaden experiences, enjoy a different community for a time, forge relationships that can change lives.

Both professionally and personally, I have a genuinely optimistic and considerate approach to life, and I love being able to use my training and experience to bring greater happiness to my clients, providing professional services with a strong heart.

I am trained in a range of well-being practises, including: Tuina deep tissue massage, Shamanic healing, Qigong and Reiki. I am certain in the effectiveness of these practices and I continue to learn and enjoy their benefits in all aspects of my life. The magic keeps unfolding every day.

In every treatment I offer – whether bodywork or spirit work – I habitually check-in by asking the simple but large question: Does it work? If it does, then I shall continue to offer my services with due diligence and commitment to good health all round.

‘and out of darkness came the hands that reach thro’ nature, moulding men’

Lord Alfred Tennyson


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Tuina Chinese Deep Tissue Massage


Techniques and Processes

Tuina (twee-na) massage is a deep tissue massage that has its roots in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). As with most types of massage, Tuina manipulates the physiology of the body, working into the soft tissues and the natural health systems – but it also has the added benefit of working with the principles of TCM, beneficially targeting the Qi meridians and acupressure points to help redress balance in the body. It is a rhythmic style of massage using a combination of highly effective techniques, sensitivity and precision, leaving you pain-free, relaxed and energised.

Techniques and Processes

The process of Tuina massage is different from many other spa and deep tissue massages. Perhaps most notably, it is a clothed massage and patients are treated under a cotton cloth. This standardises the surface for the practitioner and provides friction, allowing me to feel the muscles and tissues and providing a much more targeted and effective treatment.

It is recommended that the client wears clothes that are fairly loose fitting, whilst shoes, belts and jewellery are usually removed before the treatment begins. Unlike treatments which rely on oil, this clothed massage fits easily into busy schedules, with less time required for getting changed and less concern over getting oily clothes and hair.

There are times during the treatment when specialised creams or oils are used for specific beneficial purposes but this will only be done with your consent. I also offer Reiki healing as part of Tuina treatments – just ask me for more details if you’re interested.

Most people feel ready to hit the ground running after a Tuina treatment, but I would recommend leaving some spare time before obligating yourself to anything too soon after a treatment.

Enjoy your experience!

Especially for you

Tuina attracts a wide range of people who enjoy the pain relieving effects of the treatment, with other benefits including increased flexibility, faster healing and improvement in stress levels. Tuina can treat the same conditions as physiotherapy, sports massage, shiatsu and other hands-on treatments, helping to improve old injuries or build-up of scar tissue as well as treating muscular problems such as tension headaches or period pain. Our bodies are incredibly strong, powerful and adaptable – but when tensions occur we sometimes need a dedicated, directed approach in order to restore optimum health.

I pride myself in being fully present and friendly in my approach to your healing and all ages and walks of life are most welcome to come to me for Tuina. Some of those who currently claim the benefits of these treatments are: office workers, teachers, construction workers, sport enthusiasts, students, musicians and circus performers. Each treatment is created especially with your needs in mind, and I will use regular consultations along with my expertise to continually adapt the treatment as necessary.

When you get in touch, we can start a consultation process by phone or email. Just contact me HERE to begin your healing journey.

My training

I learnt my massage craft with Tuina expert Errol Lynch in York (http://www.tuinauk.com/upcoming-courses/) and qualified 2009. I furthered my experience in Chinese medicine by studying to become a Qigong tutor, qualifying in 2013 (http://www.qigongtauk.com/). My Reiki teacher, Soyin Tang, is a dedicated practitioner and teacher based in Sheffield. She is also head of Reiki Outreach International (http://www.reikiassociation.net/reiki-outreach-international.php) which brings different people together to work on global issues.

30 minutes at Clinic: £25
1 hour at Clinic: £40
Home visits (within Sheffield): £50
Discounts available on a sliding scale for those on lower incomes and benefits.
Offers available on multiple appointments and alternative venues.

Head massage

Offering immense relief and welcome relaxation, head massage aims to give you a beautiful break from your everyday life.

Techniques and Processes

Despite the name, this treatment is a seated massage that is not limited to the head alone. Using a combination of Indian Head Massage training and Tuina techniques, head massage aims to provide blissful relaxation whilst energising and re-balancing. I work deeply into the tissues around the shoulders, neck, arms, hands scalp and face, opening the channels, releasing tension and allowing blood to flood back into these hard-working areas. Many people enter a state of deep relaxation and bliss as the upper body is kneaded, rubbed and stretched out, re-filling you with soulful Qi and lightness.

Especially for you

Many people find head massages are exceptionally good for headaches, toothaches, stress and tiredness, as well as having systemic benefits across the whole body. It encourages improvements in circulation, the lymph system and even the skin, leaving you looking and feeling brighter.

After these treatments, it is a good idea to leave a little time to allow you to re-enter your day at a slow pace. Perhaps have a tea or a snack to maximise the effect, allow yourself to ground effectively and enjoy your experiences.
Just contact me HERE to book in for your next relaxation.

45 minutes: £30
Home visits: £40 for 45 minutes, within Sheffield
Discounts available on a sliding scale for those on lower incomes and benefits.
Offers available on multiple appointments and alternative venues.

My training

I completed my professional development training in 2014 at the Sheffield Centre for Massage Training (SCMT) at the Stillpoint Practice in Sheffield (http://massage-training.co.uk/). The wonderful and deeply experienced teachers gracefully convey their knowledge in a deep and professional way, approaching it Ayurvedically and through standard Western physiology.


 Qigong is a broad term used to describe the  Chinese exercises which utilise and develop Qi,  or life-force, energies in the body. Probably the  most famous or recognisable form of Qigong in  the UK at this time is Tai Chi, which has widely  accepted benefits including improvement of the  circulatory system.
Qigong can be active, passive or medical, each  using different intent to guide the qi around your  body by making use of the qi meridians,  acupressure points, breath and everything  inbetween. Active Qigong uses specific motions – often drawn from martial arts or animal movements – to stimulate or calm the movement of qi. Passive Qigong holds poses for longer periods, using the meditative mind to direct the qi by focussing on the breath and visualisations. Medical Qigong has been developed by Chinese medical experts and is extremely specific at targeting certain systems, supporting recovery and a return to excellent health after illness.
Technique and processes
Qigong is a varied activity. It is recommended that loose comfortable clothes are worn to Qigong sessions. All movements and techniques are demonstrated and broken-down into memorable movements, with teaching that moves at a pace that suits the group. The effects of Qigong can have an impressive impact, so it is important to follow instruction and take the time to celebrate the effects it will have on your health.
Especially for you
There are different levels to Qigong. Most of the techniques that I currently teach are accessible to all, with more challenging techniques developing as your practice deepens. As Qigong works with your mind and body, there will always be a way to make it effective within your parameters. All the moves are adaptable to your physical and mental ability – the aim is to make use of the Qi and the natural healing systems, so let’s find a way that works for you. I have worked with the young to the elderly, the thoughtful and the excitable, the healthy and those with physical challenges such as missing limbs or addictions.
Some of the effects include greater clarity of mind, improved general health, detoxification, greater flexibility, cleaner breath and improved circulation. In fact, the potential effects are virtually boundless. The scope for development in this area of Chinese medicine is vast and I consider myself a lifelong student of the technique.
My training
I trained and qualified in 2013 with Bob Lowey (http://www.qigongtauk.com/) at Samye Ling Tibettan Centre in Scotland. Teachers included these highly regarded experts: Tina Faulkner, Gordon Faulkner, Ronnie Robinson and Tony Ulatowski.

Prices vary depending on venue and groups size.
Currently no regular classes running.
Available for private classes for individuals or groups and one-off workshops.
Watch this space for upcoming events and classes.


Treatments available:
Power retrievals, Soul retrievals, Extractions of  intrusions, Compassionate de-possessions,  journeying for guidance, past-life experiences,  consultations about properties, businesses and  life events. I’m also available to call in help for  some workshops, blessings and celebrations from  birthing rituals, to seasonal get-togethers.

Shamanism is a beautiful spiritual practice that  involves entering an altered state of  consciousness – or a ‘non-ordinary reality’ – to access helpful information, insightful experiences and healing from the spirit realms.
Shamanism works on the principle that everything and everyone is connected spiritually to the worlds that surround us. When we open our minds to this wider sphere of the universe, we enter a new consciousness and gain new knowledge which can benefit our everyday lives.

Shamanic practices have been used as a life and healing tool for thousands of years. A non-denominational practice, similar techniques have since developed across different continents and in recent years these techniques have become more accessible again, opening magical doors and allowing people to develop their own conversations with and receive guidance from the worlds around them.

Techniques and Processes

Typically, the client will make themselves comfortable by lying down on a blanket. You can trust in the knowledge of a safe and comfortable environment, protected at all times with clear communication prioritised throughout.

In Shamanic treatments, most of the ‘work’ is done by the shamanic practitioner, who will journey to the spirits on your behalf; this often involves a diagnostic journey to ask which type of work would best suit you at this time. Some people experience journeys or dream-like states themselves and these can be incredibly powerful and help to affirm the experience; however, they are not necessary in order for the process to work. Some people are also interested in journeying themselves to perhaps meet their power animals or guides – this is also most welcome

Usually, though, it is the client’s job only to be open to the process. It’s not unusual for people to feel uncertain about the benefits of the treatment, but I only ask that you remain open-hearted about the process. Shamanism doesn’t rely upon faith for the benefits to be felt – I like to describe the results of the treatments as ‘known’ rather than ‘believed’.

Be ready for welcome surprises.

If you have any further questions about the practice itself, just get in touch. I’m more than happy to offer phone or email consultations.

Tools and equipment

Incense: white sage, sweetgrass and Paulo Santo are my favourites for cleansing, lightening and sweetening our lives.
Rattles and drums: The rhythms and sounds of these instruments are one of the most powerful tools that our brains respond to, helping me to enter into a trance state easily. I recently made my own drum of Ash wood and Stag hide (http://www.herondrums.co.uk/drum-birthing/4575008994) in a beautiful workshop. The spirits of these instruments are my friends and mentors as I journey.
Altar: The Shamanic altar holds objects that are precious to me and my guides. They are a visual and energetic reminder to be mindful in my practises and joyful and powerful in my work. The altar is used to open up the space when a treatment is about to start, and is crucial in helping to make the space beautiful and safe. The altar helps me to keep in touch with the elements, offering earth from sacred sites, water from my favourite rivers, feathers and incense for the air and candles and charcoal for fire.
Images of deities and teachers: These act as reminders of compassion and wisdom in different forms.

Especially for you

Treatments involve redressing balance in your energetic field by bringing back more of you to you! It may involve removing unhelpful energy and replacing it with helpful energy. During times of physical, emotional or spiritual trauma, soul loss and intrusions can occur – perhaps as a result of shocking events, damaging relationships or negative thought patterns. People may feel disjointed, flat, empty, emotionally disturbed, develop addictions or even become physically ill. Shamanic treatments can aid incredibly deep transformations, bringing in love and allowing you to be more joyfully engaged with yourself and able to welcome beautiful shifts in your life. Be in your own power as a wonderful soulful human.

As with all my practices, I offer Shamanism because I love it and I know it to be effective. It has brought great joy to my own life and to the lives of many people I have worked with. I practice with integrity and compassion and I will only work as I am guided to. All the precious experiences that arise from Shamanic treatments are always offered with compassion, kindness, skill and with the utmost respect for your journey and your life.

My Training

My Shamanic training has centred around Lendrick Lodge in Scotland since 2012 (http://lendricklodge.com/Course/shamanism/), guided by Stephen Mulhearn’s wisdom and good humour alongside international experts including spiritual leader Peggy Dylan (http://sundoor.com/peggy-dylan/), Nepalese Shaman Bhola Banstola (http://www.nepalese.it/en) and Greg Gruber (http://www.shamansociety.org/shamanicservices/nebraska.html). Many of these Shamanic paths have been opened by the workings of (teacher/author) Sandra Ingerman (http://www.sandraingerman.com/) who literally wrote the books on the re-opening of Shamanic practises in the West. I have found my training to be deeply effective in my own life and in the lives of those I have worked with. The magic keeps unfolding every day.
As well as the Shamanic training, I have also been certified by Sundoor School of Transpersonal Education (http://sundoor.com/) at Spiritdance (2014) breathwork and spiritual coaching training, and also Sundoor Initiation (2015).

Shamanic healing: From £30
Distance healing – only applies to soul and power retrievals, and some guidance and consultations: From £30
Please add £10 for home visits in Sheffield. Visits further afield are welcome and negotiable.

Festivals and Events Massage
 I have offered treatments at festivals from the  start of my massage career – and I still love being  out in the festival fields.
It was at a small, friendly and welcoming festival  called Fire Gathering in 2009 that I first became  inspired to travel further down the festival path.  Since then, I have treated hundreds of people  under canvas, built 3 geodomes and one mobile  sacred space, as well as organising entire healing  areas at festivals such as Sheffield’s Peace in the  Park. Nowadays I like to keep it simple with my  specialised dome – big enough for 2 therapists – and do what I love best: massage the masses.

Festival massage work supports festival-goers and crew alike. Bumps, trips, falls, cold, accidents, dancing, camping – there are so many things that can cause injury. People often visit my tent for some maintenance to allow them to get back out there and continue enjoying the festival at a happy pace. The bamboo hut is an oasis for people to come and share their tales from the festival and from their lives, and the customers who come back year after year are a real testament to the quality of the experience that I offer.
One of the beauties of the festival world is that people are welcome to shine in many different ways. I have also created incredible decor, an ‘80’s station’, play areas, led workshops for children and adults, helped organised cabarets and even had some compere experience. I am always delighted to be involved with creative endeavours.

Previous regular festivals include Beatherder, Shambala, Bearded Theory, Alchemy, Landed, Moor Fest, Beacons, Peace in the Park, Camp Bestival, Boomtown and Glastonbury.
Look out for my domes at your next event!

Interested in renting a dome?
I currently have 2 domes* available for rent.
Dome specifications: 6 metre diameter (including guy ropes), bamboo poles, khaki green fire-resistant canvas, 3 large triangular windows in the roof, longer base poles to give a spacious workspace than many geodomes.
My domes are suitable for all sort of events, from markets to Santa’s grotto. If you’re interested in viewing or renting a dome, just contact me to discuss options CONTACT PAGE .

*I am currently interested in selling on of the domes – please get in touch if you are interested.

The Shaman'bulance
Terapia-prin-Shamanism I had a dream! I dreamed of a mobile, sacred space. A safe, cheap and  manoeuvrable space that I could take up the highways and down the  byways, into the backstreets and around the towns of the UK. A space  where I could provide stealth shamanism and healings in urban and  countryside settings, under the cover of trees, behind the panels of a van.  A beautiful environment on-the-go.

So I bought a 7.5 tonne bright yellow highlands library bus. After a few  modifications carried out by my own hands, with only a few tools, a  handful of woodwork skills and a large heart, the Shaman’bulance was  born. I’m proud to have created a comfortable, magical and extremely  welcoming space that is heated and fully equipped for all kinds of well-  being treatments.
Although my beautiful yellow bus is certainly a powerful, sacred space, my dream has had to adapt to meet her size. Rather than spending too much time on the open road, the Shaman’bulance has proven more appropriate for festivals and events, parties and healing weekends, hen and stag do’s, parties, community events… any place where curious people gather.

Whilst the Shaman’bulance vehicle may change over time, I know that many of the helping spirits will remain available for whatever work is in store for this beautiful vision.
Keep your eyes open for the Shaman’bulance at events near you.

Prices and services depend on type of event, length of time, expected workload and distance from Sheffield.

Herd Of Cats

 A nationwide network of healers, artists,  therapists, volunteers and bright-sparks.  Originally this group included people interested  in bringing together community members to  create fun and approachable healing areas at  festivals and provide ongoing support for  therapists and artists. It briefly became an  official social enterprise, but soon returned to  being a friendly group of associated individuals.  Work we have undertaken has included:  Organising healing areas at Peace in the Park,  Green Peaks and Beacons festivals, interactive decor at specialised all-nighters in Leeds and Sheffield such as Beaverfest, walk-about acts, site art, 80’s station, running health and healing days, providing contacts and support for new-starters and returning therapists.



Often the hands will solve a mystery that the intellect has struggled with in vain.

Carl Jung







‘A journey of a thousand miles is easier with massage’.

Katie Challis


words from some of katie’s satisfied clients

Lisan Lauvenberg

In the summer i experienced a great power / soul retrieval with Katie. And it brought me some new steps for the future as well. At one point we started to travel together, which was a great privilege. When she started to speak about the clear visions she saw it was funny and serious at the same time, which is a good way to remember it all. She really painted a clear picture of the things I had lost and the power I regained by recognising the losses I had suffered and the gift I collected during the power retrieval. It felt really powerful and safe. And one of the images helps me still through times of uncertainty. It was love and power at the same time.


I had a massage with Katie at a festival, and was suffering with a tension headache. Usually when I have one of these, sleep is the only option. After a 15 minute massage with Katie, it was gone altogether, and I enjoyed the rest of my night. Thank you!


I can highly recommend Katie, she is very skilled at what she does and has helped me several times over the years.


I can fully recommend Katie’s massage treatment. I’ve had back pain for a couple of years and am at a loss with how to relieve it. It’s a powerful massage which was intended to help break down some of the tension in my back in various places where it had built up, also to increase blood flow and help with drainage. Katie helpfully explained what she was working on around the body which was really interesting as she clearly had a really good understanding of how problems in one part of my body had linked to the other. she is confident with her technique and very informative, but she’s also got a wonderfully calm, open and positive attitude which makes you feel 100% at ease being treated. I felt a couple of inches taller and a weight off my shoulders after she had finished!


Katie treated my frozen shoulder and I quickly felt the positive results. Each session gave me definite improvement and within weeks my shoulder was fine even though I’d had the condition over a year. Katie is not only skillful but very professional and pleasant too.


A Tuina massage with Katy leaves me feeling restored, refreshed and walking taller. I find it particularly helpful in banishing the lower back stiffness which comes from being desk bound during the day and welcome the additional insights Katie is able to give on posture and preventive measures. A very satisfied customer, I cannot recommend Katie highly enough.

Peak District

I have had various treatments from Katie over the years (massage, Reiki, and Shamanic) all have been wonderful and felt very healing. Katie takes into account individual requests and needs and always explains what she’s doing as she goes along. If you’re thinking of trying a different type of alternative therapy don’t hesitate but to book in with her you won’t regret it. She has a wonderful warm energy and I’m only sorry I don’t live closer to Sheffield.


Can’t recommend Katie enough. She put me at ease straight away and spent a good part of the session asking me about my diet and where exactly my pain and discomfort was. As a circus artist I suffer from all sorts of aches and pains. Katie not only sorted my back and shoulders but also relieved the pain in my wrist which I have had for many months. I only wish she was closer to Bristol


I have used Katie for a couple of treatment sessions, once when I was training for the Sheffield half marathon and once when I had back problems due to breast feeding. I found the massage to be incredibly useful and healing, I certainly felt invigorated and much better afterwards. Katie is simply lovely and wonderful to work with, I would recommend her to anyone.

Amie Pulfer

Katie held the space for my Mother's Blessing/ Welcoming Baby party. She invoked spirits to assist us in our ceremony and at the birth. She has a wonderful ability to make spiritual/ shamanic aspects of the ceremony completely accesible to people who had no prior experience of this sort of work. It was perfect and I couldn't have asked for more.




‘There’s a lot of things you need to get across this universe. Warp drive… wormhole refractors… You know the thing you need most of all? You need a hand to hold.’

The DOCTOR, Season 6, episode 6.

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